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rosana apartment hotel 2 good good-20% discount

Thảo luận trong 'Mua bán nhà đất' bắt đầu bởi Rosana, 4/10/18.

  1. Rosana

    Rosana New Member

    Rosana Legend - Where the best become better!


    Rosana Legend hotel has additional facilities for guests as compared to other Rosana
    apartment hotels and it sets a new benchmark for Rosana hotels.

    High standard management, service with English speaking front desk staff.
    Lift to all floors and 24/24 camera surveillance
    Power back-up generator ensures uninterrupted basic services (projected 9/2015)
    Pay TV offers many entertainment channels, including English, Japanese, Korean, and
    Chinese channels.
    Recreation rooms on top floor with one billiard/ snooker table with city view (projected 9/2015)
    Quality living and dining room on first floor for guests use.
    Breakfast included in daily room rates
    All furniture items are of the very high standards matching exporting standards to Europe,
    North America and Australia
    Spring mattresses are genuine Hanvico or equivalent quality.
    All bed accessories are made from 300-thread fabrics which offer additional comfort and
    Good LED and other lighting system in room and common areas.
    Top quality studios at affordable prices now available!

    6 reasons why you should choose Rosana Legend hotel for your short term or long term
    accommodation in Bac Ninh City, Bac Ninh province, Vietnam:

    Elegantly designed and constructed to high standards, suitable for expatriates and
    Vietnamese who want to enjoy affordable quality living.
    Power back-up generator ensures uninterrupted basic services.
    Quiet area near Bac Ninh central business district (CBD), near a park, 0.5 - 3kms to
    supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, banks, karaoke bars, massage parlors...
    All studio rooms are equipped with a kitchen, LCD TV, Wifi, two-way air conditioning.
    Good options to suit various budgets: from deluxe studios to spacious luxury standards

    Tel: +84 222 3858 518; 0906 261 263
    Ms. Nhung (Ms Rose) +84 906 261 263; Email: 80nhung@gmail.com

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